Bubble Packaging for Long-Term Care Facilities

Medications All In One Place

As a caregiver to a long-term care facility, you likely assist several patients a day, each with their own unique needs. When it’s time to administer daily medications, do you ever have to ask yourself…

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  • Which medicines do I give to this patient today?
  • What time should I give this patient this medicine?
  • Have I already administered this specific medicine today?
  • Have I forgotten anything?

Medications are a critical component to long-term care treatment. Never worry about whether you’ve missed something again. With Dial Drug Specialty Pharmacy’s unique prescription “Bubble Packaging System,” you will have the medications you need to administer in one convenient place.

About Bubble Packaged Medications

Each color-coded bubble pack is personalized per individual patient. They can contain up to a 31-day supply of necessary medications, and are pre-divided into either one package or five packets labeled by time of day: Morning, Noon, Evening, Bedtime, and “Other.” Each pack is clearly labeled and easy to understand, so you never have to worry about missing doses or mixing up daily pills. Dial Drugs’ bubble packaging system is also tamper proof and spill proof, ensuring optimal medication safety.

Bubble Packaging Westland WI
Our Bubble Packaging System is ideal for long-term patients and residents with unique needs, including:

  • LTC residents
  • Elderly
  • Diabetics
  • Disabled
  • Memory Impaired Patients
  • Heavily Medicated Patients
  • Patients Whose Medications Change Frequently

Why juggle prescription bottles if you don’t have to?  Contact Dial Drugs Specialty Pharmacy serving Westland, MI, and surrounding areas, about our custom Bubble Packaged Medications today. We look forward to serving you!

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