Sports Medicine Compounding

Any physical activity with intense physical motion can lead to serious injury from overuse or exhaustion. Many kinds of athletes can benefit from customized compounding. Every athlete’s body is different and will react differently to medications and treatments. At Dial Drugs we strive to identify the treatment option that best suits the individual athlete – to help them get back into competition as soon as possible.

The Effect of Over the Counter Painkillers on Sports Injuries

Studies have shown that over the counter or prescribed oral pain killers, muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory medications can have negative side effects on your health; especially if taken over a long period of time. Dial Drugs offers a safer, and more effective solution – custom topical creams or transdermal gels. This form of medication can be compounded to each individual’s prescription, and they help treat pain directly at it’s source. These creams or gels can treat pain, inflammation and even nerve damage due to sports injuries.

Add Dial Drugs to Your Sports Medicine Team

At Dial Drugs, we work together with prescribers and patients to solve problems due to sports related injuries by customizing medications that meet the specific needs of each individual.  Contact Dial Drugs of Westland, Michigan today to discuss your options.

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