For Patients

Welcome to Dial Drugs LTC Pharmacy. We are a long-term care pharmacy in Westland, Michigan that specializes in long-term care services. We provide this service for patients and facilities across Michigan. We also provide patient specific compounding services for all our patients and facilities.

As a LTC pharmacy, Dial Drugs is dedicated to establishing and maintaining the patient-practitioner-pharmacist triad relationship. We know that successful medical outcomes are derived from proactive collaboration among our mutual partnership. For the long-term benefit of every patient, we must ensure that the proper medications are prescribed in the most effective delivery forms. This sometime entails medications and dosage forms that are not commercially available. We strive to provide optimized therapeutic potential for every Dial Drugs LTC Pharmacy Patient.

There are both governmental and self-imposed limitations to our practice. Dial Drugs LTC is no exception. We adhere to every industry guideline and regulation. Our patients’ health and safety is our primary concern.

We currently service approximately 5 ,000 Long Term Care patients, and we increase that number monthly. Unfortunately, our website does not list all our long term care capabilities. However, we can handle special requests and are happy to work together with you to develop long term care plans and compounding services as they are needed.

We encourage you to use Dial Drugs to explore, learn, and hopefully augment the traditional approaches to how you prescribe medications for your long term care patients.

Please remember that even if you don’t see a specific formulation on our web site, we are happy to work with you to handle special requests that will help meet your needs and generate successful outcomes for your patients.